About Us

We collaborate because....

It means everyone’s voice is heard and a stronger, more efficient system created.
Doctors care deeply about their patients, and patients trust their doctors..
Patients and families need a health care system that works for them.
Our population is getting older and health care needs are changing.

A commitment was made in 2001 between Doctors of BC and the BC government that still holds true today. The commitment - work collaboratively to improve patient care and provide the best health care services to the people of BC. That’s the work of the Joint Collaborative Committees – each committee is dedicated to specific areas of health care – primary care (GPSC), specialist care (SSC), primary care/specialist care (Shared Care) and rural care (JSC). Each committee represents doctors, government and health authorities working together to co-design and share the current state and future direction of BC’s health care systems. All the committees are funded by Doctors of BC through the Physician Master Agreement.

These partners identify complex problems in BC’s health care system and work together to create solutions to change and improve that system. The end result is improved patient care.

How is this collaboration transforming the system and benefiting patients? Read on to learn more

Specialist Services Committee

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Shared Care Committee

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Joint Standing Committee on Rural Issues

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General Practice Services Committee

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