Physician Leadership Training

We recognize the importance of providing supports for our doctors to grow their skills and become the best versions of themselves – because when that happens patients and the health care system all become stronger. The JCCs focus is about ensuring our doctors both today and in the future are able to access the skills and knowledge to thrive in their profession. All committees offer ways to accomplish this goal with training available through the Specialist Services Committee, Shared Care Committee, and the General Practice Services Committee.  

•    Leadership training for specialists

•    Leadership training for family doctors.

•    Leadership training for both specialists and family doctors.

Financial support is available for individual physicians wanting to participate in leadership training, through the Leadership Scholarship program operated jointly by Specialist Services Committee and the Shared Care Committee.   This fund provides up to $10,000 to cover tuition, accommodation and travel costs for programs offered through accredited institutions.  Read more about scholarship funding.